Thursday, March 7, 2013

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms

Another beautiful and early sign of Spring is the budding of the Cherry Blossoms. I showed my little ones images of cherry blossoms and then helped them get started on making their own cherry blossoms. 

While the kiddies were napping, I painted a handful of trees without blossoms. 

 Once everyone was up and at 'em, I popped some popcorn and squeezed a bunch of glue onto a paper plate for everyone to use. 

Making the blossoms was easy. We dunked a piece of popcorn in the glue and placed it on the tree. Once the artists felt like they had enough blossoms on their trees, we let them sit overnight to dry thoroughly. 

The next morning we used pink paint and dabbed each piece of popcorn with our paint brushes. Dabbing works much better than brushing it on because the popcorn is rather fragile. 

After that, we just needed to let our projects dry again and they were complete. :) 

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