Monday, March 18, 2013

Easter Egg Painting with Baby

Easter Egg Painting with Baby

Its the time of year to start making Spring crafts. You might have some cute bunnies and fluffy chicks in the works. We have been busy making daffodils out of egg cartons, butterflies out of toilet paper rolls and finger-painted inchworms. But all of those crafts are really appropriate for Big SIster and Brother, not so much for Little SIster who hasn't turned one year old just yet. This is a simple craft that she can do and really enjoy. Plus, it might make a cute little gift to some lucky grandparents!  :)

To begin with, I made a few card stock cutouts of eggs. I ran a bath for the baby prior to beginning. I run it slightly warmer than normal when we do something like this so that by the time the craft is over it is juuuuuust right.  :) I sat the baby in her high chair in her diaper and gave her the first cutout. Then I just add one color at a time to her cutout and leave the design up to her.  When she has had enough I simply pop her into the tub and wipe up the paints. 


Happy Spring everyone!!

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