Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Food for Fuel

Food for Fuel

Ideas on what to bring on a hike to keep your little ones full of energy!

If you are heading outdoors and hitting the trails with your kiddies, here is a list of ideas of things you might bring to keep them fueled up!

For the babies:

  • Plenty of water or bottles

Roasted Sweet Potato cubes
  • sweet potato cubes

  • Cut up grapes

  • raisins

  • cooked veggies like peas and carrots

  • dry cereal 

For your toddlers and young children:

  • lots of water

Two bowls for my kids, ages 3 and 5;
one of fresh veggies, the other
is raisins, dried apricots and
almond slivers.
  • fresh cut up veggies like cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers

  • bowl of dried fruits and nuts

  • PB&J sandwich, or sun butter and jelly, or almond butter and honey.... you get the idea.

  • fresh fruit

  • granola bars

These are just a few ideas of what I might try to bring along on the day of an outdoor adventure. Sometimes one snack per kiddie is enough but if we are planning on being out for 2 or more miles, I tend to double up on snacks for everyone, even the grownups. 

Also, I try to be mindful to make a little bit of a bigger breakfast on the day of a hike and even give the mob a banana before we step onto the trail. Lots of times they make it through the trail without asking for a snack. If that is the case, we find a nice spot to sit after our trek is done and eat then or they chow down in the car ride home. But should they need something along the way, these are all pretty easy to eat ideas, no mess and nothing should get left behind. 

See you out there!  AND THANKS FOR READING!!!!  

Brother is having a snack break on the trail. All he needs is a log and an apple. 

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