Sunday, June 23, 2013

Great American Backyard Campout, 2013

Great American Backyard Campout
Whether you are a seasoned camper or if this was your first camping experience, I hope you enjoyed the Great American Backyard Campout this weekend. I love the idea of using any activity or event to encourage children to be active outdoors so our family could not wait to participate. If you didn't participate this weekend, consider picking your own date and having a backyard campout whenever it works for you, especially as a way to introduce camping to your little ones. It is a great first camping experience for young campers and is great for the grown ups to have access to the house as a backup if things don't go as planned. :) 

We headed up to the Poconos, Pennsylvania for our backyard campout. We had big family cookout prior, so our day was full of tons of outdoor play, walks to the lake, tree-climbing, bubble blowing and sparklers! Not to mention lots and lots of great food. Our day couldn't have been more perfect.  Here are just a few pictures from our campout!

The tent was ready, we love our Big Agnes
Now to wear out our little campers!

Little Sister was very independent and wanted to make her own bubbles. 

Little Brother is sitting in the spot that used to hold my tree house when I was a little older than him. It has since rotted away and the branches have broken off  but I can remember it very clearly. 

Heading back from a walk to the lake, the Daddy found this baby snake. All the kids were amazed.  I swear you could see them just falling in love with nature! Our best guess is that it is the Northern Ringneck snake. Very cool. 

Brother is taking good care of Little Sister. And getting a workout. 

After a very full day, all 3 of our munchkins drifted off to sleep very easily. Here is Little Sister taking over Momma's mattress and sleeping bag.  

Big Sister and I were up pretty early but he Daddy, Brother and Little Sister slept in.  Who could blame them? The day before was spent with some of our nearest and dearest, playing, eating and lots of laughing. Our Great American Backyard Campout was a definite success! 

Thank you for reading! 

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