Thursday, November 21, 2013



If you have a couple of paper plates, a toilet paper roll, construction paper, markers and crayons, you can set the kids to task making this adorable turkey. This one was made by my 4-year-old. He is pretty proud of this guy!  So proud that this turkey might be gracing our Thanksgiving table this year. Too cute! 

To begin, we colored the big feathers on a half of paper plate. Look how focused!!!

Then we traced the shape of our feet.

We cut out our outlines, then decorated and colored the turkey's body. 

And decorated some more.

Then I glued the bodies to toilet paper rolls and stapled the rolls to the paper plate feathers. Instant cuteness! This one is by my littlest. You can make out the outline of her tootsy toes on the bottom of  her turkey. That was her favorite part, having her foot traced! 

These are super easy and a fun craft for the days leading up to and even on Thanksgiving Day! I hope you enjoy a wonderful holiday and I look forward to seeing you back here soon! 

Thank you for reading! 

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