Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Score at the Dollar Store

Score at the Dollar Store! 

As a mom of three little ones and a former teacher, I am no stranger to the glories to be held inside a good dollar store. A dollar store can be a wonderland when you are planning crafts and activities for the youngsters. Today I hit one of our local spots to look for the early makings of an upcoming bug and insect unit I am putting together. I certainly was happy with my finds in that area but then I made another, unexpected score! (You gotta love that!) Walking past the kitchen section gave me an idea. My kiddies are always looking to use my actual kitchen tools when they play with play-doh so why not get them their own stuff? 

I didn't get them much, just some cookie sheets, spatulas, mini pie pans and a few other things. I think I spent $9, probably less than any official Play-doh playset and Big SIster and Brother played for almost an hour making cookies, burgers and sweet potato pies. 

Two busy little bakers! 

I can't believe I haven't thought of this before! 

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