Monday, February 11, 2013

Symmetrical Hearts


Just in time for Valentine's Day! My two olders and I made these symmetrical hearts with some card stock and paint. They came out beautifully! I cut out some heart shapes in different sizes and put out purple, red and pink paint. I talked a little bit about symmetry  with them and would talk about it again after our craft was completed. 

To make this craft, simply paint one side of a card stock heart and fold it in half. 

Press over the entire folded paper to be sure the blank side will get paint on it. 

Then just open and let dry. I modeled making the first one for the kids but then they easily did this craft on their own. It does get moderately messy so I kept some baby wipes close by just in case.

Some of the masterpieces! 


After we had a nice collection of hearts, we talked about symmetry again. The kiddies identified the hearts that were the same (at least REALLY close!) on both sides and which ones weren't. Symmetrical or not, they all came out beautiful! Hope you and your little ones enjoy this craft!


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