Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Whole Happy Bird Watchers


This morning we decided to stretch our legs and head out around the neighborhood. To add a fun twist to our walk, I introduced the little ones to a preschoolers version of bird watching! 

I created this colorful bird watching checklist for the little ones. We went over each item and then set out to see what we could find! (No need to leave a comment on my awful illustrations. lol! My children, thankfully, are very forgiving.)

We set out on our way and the little ones went right to work looking for neighborhood birds. Finding a bird nest was proving tricky but Big SIster and Brother stopped under every big tree to have a look. 

It was a perfect day! Everyone was so happy to be outside! Maybe it was just me but it seemed like there were even more birds out this gorgeous morning than usual. I am so grateful they obliged us. 


My little bird watchers were diligent in tracking their findings.  

We had a really fun walk, got in some early morning exercise and had some practice being careful observers of nature. It was a great start to another perfect summer day! 

Lastly, I will leave you with this. No matter how passionately they plead with you that they do not need to use the bathroom before the walk, MAKE THEM GO. Or else, walk home with a kid like this. For 5 blocks. 

Thanks for reading you guys! Hope you are having a great summer! 

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