Thursday, September 19, 2013

Finger Painting Fall

Finger Painting Fall

Hooray for Fall! A great way to celebrate the changing of the seasons is with an easy fingerpaintng project.  

Here is a list of things I get together before I begin:

  • plastic tablecloth
  • card stock
  • finger paints
  • paper plate (great for easy cleanup)
  • smocks
  • baby wipes
  • have a place designated for where wet artwork is going to sit to dry
  • for the more enthusiastic kids, have a tub ready and waiting... just in case

To set up this project, I grab a plastic tablecloth left over from a recent family party or the few I have on standby from a local dollar store. I put some fall color fingerpaints on a disposable paper plate for easy cleanup. I also made a simple tree outline on card stock. You don't have to use card stock but I find it holds up best to almost anything. I pull back everyone's hair. Yes, even my own. Then get the smocks on.  All that is left after that is to let the artists do their thing! For this project, Little Sister invited her cousin in on the fun. 

While Little Sister was creating her fall leaves, I am repeating the name of the color she is painting with to help her make the connection to colors and their names.

Can you tell she kind of enjoys art time?  (Her cousin, it turns out, DESPISES the feel of finger paints and happily watched from 6 feet back. Too cute!) 

Little Sister loves this and any finger painting project. And the results are totally worth a prime spot on the fridge.

HAPPY FALL, Y'ALL! Thank you for reading!

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