Monday, August 26, 2013

Six Mile Run

Six Mile Run

I don't like to think about it but the summer is drawing to a close and quickly. It makes me feel a little frantic about letting a weekend pass without getting in a good hike. Not that we don't hike through the gorgeous Fall season and even the brisk days of Winter, of course. But thinking about the bundling up in the crisp, chilly weather, the shorter days, the more hectic schedules, it sure is nice to be able to just pack up a few water bottle, a few healthy snacks and head to a trail. 

Today's destination was Six Mile Run. There are a few different parking lots for the trails on Six Mile Run as well as a number of different trails. We found trail parking right off of Jacques Road in Franklin Township, NJ. The first 0.3 miles of the trail we took was on this open portion. It was filled with butterflies and a whole lot of big, blue sky.

There was some geocaching to be done on this trail. Big Sister and Brother hunted this cache down along with the Daddy. They emerged from the trees with a treasure in hand! 

Here is Little SIster enjoying the ride. Its neat to listen to her vocabulary expanding on our hikes as she points out "water", "flower" and "puppy". (There were lots of dogs on the trail today and she was loving it.) 

Less than half a mile on the open path led us to this covered portion of the trail through the trees. This was when the hike went from flat and grassy to steep and full of hills. This was everyone's favorite part of our hike. It was completely engaging and moderately challenging. A novice hiker could negotiate the path well enough but the steep hills and roots make it impossible for strollers. 

The entire hike through the woods ran parallel to this stream. It definitely added to the charm of the trail. 

Look at Brother go! This is a good upward march for the little guy, but he loved it.The steep hills make this trail popular with mountain bikers, so it is best of be aware of approaching riders and move over to let them pass. 

I just love how a beautiful trail can transport you into your own peaceful world. Its is almost hard to believe we are only about 20 miles away from our house. This is a hike I would definitely recommend! The summer isn't over yet so grab your little ones and get out there!  

Thanks for reading everyone! See you soon! 

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